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Diphtheria Vaccine: What Every Parent Needs to Know

Diphtheria Vaccine What Every Parent Needs to Know

In the early 1900s, diphtheria was a menace to American children, affecting more than 200,000 patients with at least 15,000 casualties. However, when vaccination against diphtheria began in the early 1920s, the recorded patients of this condition have significantly dropped. In our pharmacy in Wayne, New Jersey, you have a team of trusted healthcare professionals who can administer vaccines for vaccine-preventable diseases such as diphtheria.

Here are important aspects of diphtheria that parents need to know:

  • Vaccines against diphtheria
    According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, vaccines to prevent diphtheria can also prevent two other diseases, namely tetanus and pertussis. If you want to know if your child needs this kind of vaccine, talk to your pediatrician. For assistance in administering the vaccine, talk with our pharmacists.
  • Vaccines for babies and children
    Due to their developing immune system, babies and children need to repeat doses of vaccines for diphtheria. This vaccine can start as early as the baby’s two months and need to be boosted until they’re six years old. If you have further inquiries or clarifications about your child’s immunization, talk with providers of compounding services in New Jersey.
  • Vaccines for Pregnant Women
    Pertussis or whooping cough can infect an unborn infant. It’s highly recommended for pregnant women to get vaccinated for diphtheria which also provides immunity for whooping cough. This vaccine is usually administered at the third trimester of a woman’s pregnancy.
  • Vaccines for Adults
    It’s also encouraged for adults to get this vaccine every 10 years or when their healthcare provider suggests for it. For clarification, talk with your doctor about this vaccine in your next medical checkup.

In relation to this, there are also patients who are not advised to take this vaccine, such as children with an allergic reaction to the vaccine or when the child is having a cough.

At Riverview Pharmacy, you’re welcome to inquire about our vaccine services and schedules. As a medical supply store, we can also assist you in procuring the medical supplies that you need at home or in your healthcare facility.

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