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A Checklist of What to Consult with Your Pharmacist

A Checklist of What to Consult with Your Pharmacist

Should you or should you not consult with a pharmacist? In another blog post, we shared four important reasons why you SHOULD consult with a pharmacist. As a pharmacy in Wayne, New Jersey, we at Riverview Pharmacy know that discussing certain items with our pharmacists can help you meet your medication goals.

But what should you ask them in the first place? Here’s a checklist of topics you can refer to:

  • Generic Options
    Generic branded medications are more affordable than their branded equivalents. Get the pharmacist’s advice as to what generic brands you can have to save on your meds.
  • Side Effects
    Ask the pharmacist what side effects you can expect from the medicine. If there are any, also ask about how you can prevent or avoid these undesirable effects.
  • Special Instructions
    Some medicines come with special instructions or warnings. Ask the pharmacist’s explanation for these instructions so you can properly adhere to the medication instructions.
  • Missed Dosage
    There may be times that you miss a dose by accident. Consult with the pharmacist on what you can do if ever you do miss your dose for a day.
  • Medication Storage
    Another important topic to consult with the pharmacist in a medical supply store is about proper medication storage. Medicines that are not stored in the right places or temperature are at risk of losing their potency.
  • Medication Review
    Pharmacists can also assist you in reviewing your list of medications. Medical reviews help you to know which medicines have negative reactions and how you can avoid such reactions.
  • Over-the-Counter Medicines
    Some illnesses don’t need prescribed medicines. If you need to buy over-the-counter medicines, ask the pharmacists which ones are best for your particular ailment.
  • When to See a Doctor
    Ask your pharmacist about the signs when it becomes necessary to consult with the doctor.

As a provider of compounding services in New Jersey, consider us as part of your healthcare team. Feel free to inquire about your medicines and other related concerns.

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