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Top 4 Reasons to Consult a Pharmacist

Top 4 Reasons to Consult a Pharmacist

Here is one important fact we should all keep in mind: pharmacists are part of our healthcare team.

Very often, we tend to neglect this detail when we get our prescriptions from a pharmacy in Wayne, New Jersey. If you have also been into this habit, it’s time to change your mindset now.

As a healthcare provider, pharmacists can provide us with relevant information that is necessary for our health. In particular, we can consult with them about the medicines that our doctors prescribe or the drugs we buy over the counter from the pharmacy.

Consider these reasons why consulting with a pharmacist is necessary:

  1. Medication Review and Management
    Pharmacists are your allies in ensuring that you are taking the correct medication as prescribed. They also help you find ways so you can better manage your medication at home. If your medications are also out of stock, they can provide the option of compounding services in New Jersey. So take time to ask medicine-related questions to a pharmacist.
  2. Provides OTC Recommendations
    Because you can buy over-the-counter medicines on your own, you may get confused as to which brand to buy. Pharmacists can advise you in selecting the correct medicine for your condition so you can avoid over-dosage or other undesirable effects.
  3. Advice on Side Effects
    When you talk with a pharmacist, they can provide you with helpful insight as to whether your medicines have possible side effects or not. These undesirable effects can affect your adherence, and when you stop taking your medicines due to side effects, your health may suffer. When you have the right expectations of the side effects, you have better chances of adhering to your prescription.
  4. Guidance on the Right Medical Supply
    Pharmacists in a medical supply store can also advise you on the right medical device that you should purchase. These supplies should be selected with care so that your health and wellness are preserved.

Our pharmacists at Riverview Pharmacy are ready to assist you when you come and visit us. We encourage you to consult with our team so that you can be guided with your medications or medical supplies.

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